Quality Policy

The National Carton Industry Co.‘s commitments toward quality can be reflected by :

The National Carton Industry Co. seeks to provide its customers with products of the required quality that meet their needs and requirements. On this basis, the company’s management adopts quality as a fundamental principle for conducting all company operations.

  • The company works on enhancing the skills of its workforce by developing their capabilities to implement the Quality Management System ISO9001:2015 and applying the Palestinian Quality Standard PSI-914 through appropriate training for employees based on their qualifications and responsibilities. This requires every worker and employee in the company to be aware and knowledgeable about the requirements of the quality system (ISO9001:2015, PSI) according to their role in the production process.
  • The senior management has taken it upon itself to commit to implementing the systems, laws, and requirements of the ISO9001:2015 standard, as well as all relevant requirements and specifications of the Palestinian Quality Standard PSI-914. They also undertake the responsibility of continuous communication and coordination with relevant local institutions or authorities.
  • The senior management of the National Carton Industry Co. is committed to providing all the necessary resources and requirements for the implementation of the ISO9001:2015 and PSI-914 quality systems, and to ensuring their continuous effectiveness.
  • The company’s management commits to maintaining continuous communication with suppliers to ensure the acquisition of raw materials that meet the required quality standards for the company’s products. They also pledge to maintain continuous communication with customers, taking into account their feedback or complaints regarding the company’s products.
  • The National Carton Industry Co. strives for continuous improvement in the performance of its quality systems ISO9001:2015 and PSI-914 to meet the requirements and needs of its customers.
  • The senior management commits to reviewing and evaluating the quality policy and objectives at least every six months, identifying possible opportunities for development in the policy and quality objectives that align with the direction of senior management.
  • The company, through its Quality Department, commits to monitoring the company’s products at all production stages, from receiving raw materials to delivering the products to customers.

The management of the National Company is committed to guiding the company’s team to perform their duties to the best of their abilities, ensuring full assurance that all products of the company will achieve the purpose for which they were made.

The National Carton Industry Company also commits to implementing legislation, laws, and best practices to prevent pollution, preserve the environment, and promote lean production through collaboration and coordination with relevant authorities to ensure effectiveness by:

  • Continual review to achieve environmental objectives and performance indicators.
  • Striving for the resources used in the work to be environmentally friendly.
  • Monitoring the product life cycle and its supply chain, including a preference for using responsibly sourced raw materials and best practices in manufacturing, supply, and recycling.
  • Improving energy efficiency and optimizing overall resource consumption.
  • Working on refining employees’ skills through training to ensure their compliance with policies and regulations related to environmental preservation.

The senior management and department heads in the company ensure that this policy is understood and implemented by all employees.