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NCI is one of the leading Palestinian companies working in the packaging sector in Palestine.

We focus in the production of opened & closed carton boxes, as well as carton rolls dedicated for furniture industry. 

We work hard to increase the list of our products, and to install new production lines.


Die-cut trays - High graphics

The company has purchased the opened carton boxes production line since 2009 for the purpose of forming opened boxes. This production line specified by its high quality that benefits different sectors such as dairy industry, agricultural products, drinks and juice industry sectors.

Regular Slotted Container - RSC

NCI possesses two lines for producing this kind of carton> These lines were produced by famous companies specializing in similar production lines manufacturing. The first line is an Italian made by Curioni Company, and the second one is English made by S&S Company. Further, these production lines are producing closed carton of both plain and printed boxes with high standards of quality and different colors that meet market needs.


Single Face Rolls or Sheets

NCI added furniture corrugation Industry line in April 2013. This line produces carton rolls used in the packaging of furniture products, which allows our clients to keep furniture products’ safety during storage and transportation.

Cardboard Sheets

NCI produces high quality carton boards. This product enables the company to expand its list of products by manufacturing special products.


Special Die-cut Trays

NCI produces high quality packaging dedicated to the agricultural sector. These products enables the farmers to guarantee their products’ safety along the way from the farm to the consumers.