A Message from General Manager

General Manager
Mr. Abdelnaser Dwaikat

it is my great pleasure and honor to welcome you to our official website, it will give comprehensive information about NCI.

We are always keen to be the pioneers of the Carton Industry Market in Palestine. One of our goals is to develop this industry by investing in new massive production lines and empowering our technical and management teams.

Despite the challenging and competitive ecosystem, NCI tries to differentiate itself using the continuous development of production lines, products, and human resources. We try to empower all these factors to satisfy the needs of our clients.

NCI’s work methodology is to make our products available in every single place in Palestine, so we serve more clients and customers, and to make them trust our work. Overall, we developed our management hierarchy by creating a client satisfaction department.

I am thankful to every person who spent some effort to create and develop NCI. We promise to keep our hard work to guarantee that NCI is more powerful, profitable, and sustainable according to our vision that we are the pioneers of Carton Industry Market in Palestine.