Executive Management

Mr. Abdelnaser Dwaikat

General Manager

Eng. Abdelnaser Dwaikat is the General Manager in the National Carton Industry Company since January 2019, he serves many positions in Executive Management in several local & regional companies.

Mr. Dwaikat holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management from Palestine & Germany and a BSc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from An- Najah National University.

Mrs. Hadeel Abu-Keshek

G.M Office Manager

Mrs. Hadeel Abu-Keshek is managing the general manager’s office as well as coordinating his appointments to help him to do his work, duties, and responsibilities. She is also working on drafting the company’s minutes of meetings and following up on all the correspondences refers to the company.

Mrs. Abu-Keshek holds a BA degree in English Language and Literature and she has experience in office management and translation in several companies in Palestine.

Mr. Ashraf Darwazeh

Financial Manager

He is working on reviewing and monitoring the financial procedures of the company, Preparing Financial and accounting reports periodically. In addition to disclosing financial statements, Furthermore, he is managing shareholders affairs and coordinating the relationship with company’s tax consultant.

Darwazeh has a BA degree in Finance / minor-accounting from Yarmouk University in Jordan, also he is a certified management accountant (CMA) from USA , He Served Several Positions in major companies in Palestine, Arab Gulf States, and North Africa.

Mr. Anas Al-Shayeb

Plant Manager

Mr. Anas Al-Shayeb is working on managing and planning the administrative units of the factory through managing the production plans and supporting processes, he is also working on managing all maintenance processes in the company.

Mr. Al-Shayeb holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and he has experience in managing production and maintenance processes in main Palestinian companies.

Mr. Mohammad Safadi

Sales and Marketing Manager

Mr. Mohamed Safadi is responsible for developing and implementing marketing and sales plans to increase the company’s market share. He also plans, organizes, and oversees sales operations. 

Mr. Safadi holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and has worked in major companies in Palestine in the field of sales management and supervision.

Mr. Asem Dababseh

Procurements Manager

Mr. Asem Dababseh is working on managing all procurements and directly supervising them besides providing all means for executing this. He is following up on all issues related to company supply chain and logistics and preparing purchasing plans in a way that guarantees efficiency & effectiveness.

Mr. Dababseh holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Management and has previous experience in procurements & logistics in UEA & Palestine.

Mr. Nimer Daraghmeh

Quality Manager

Mr. Nimer Daraghmeh is working on following up and supervising the implementation of all adopted specifications and standards that are compatible with the quality management system  ISO9001:2015, in addition to making sure that the quality of all input and output is compatible with the required standards and specifications.

Mr. Daraghmeh has a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and has experience in several companies in Palestine.