The National Carton Industry approves a 10% dividend

Nablus: The General Assembly of the National Carton Industry approved the board of directors recommendation to distribute cash dividends to shareholders for the fiscal year ending on 12/31/2021 at a rate of 10% of the nominal value of the share.
This came during its regular meeting held on Thursday 04/21/2022 at the company’s headquarters in the city of Nablus. The meeting was chaired by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, Mahdi Al-Masry, in the presence of the company’s general manager, Abdel Nasser Dwaikat, the representative of the Companies Controller, Yousef Judeh, the representative of the Palestine Exchange, Thamin Kayed, in addition to a number of shareholders.
The administrative and financial reports for the year 2021 were also read and approved, in addition to the discharge of the Board of Directors and the re-election of Ernst & Young as an external auditor for the current year 2022, and authorizing the Board of Directors to determine their fees.
And in his recitation of the administrative report of the work of the General Manager to achieve sales growth in net profits for the operation and operation of sustainable production lines in the supply chain for all production inputs, and to rationalize spending and the progress that was accompanied by the administrative and technical staff working in the company.
The financial report summarized the financial report for the year 2021. Watch a full view:

• Operating profits for the year 2021 amounted to $1,365,725, compared to $1,084,803 for the year 2020.
• The company's results also showed a growth in sales by 25.90%, while the company's net profit after tax amounted to $1,147,856, compared to $804,308 during the year 2020.
• On the other hand, the return on investment was 13.15%, compared to 10.32% for the year 2020.
In conclusion, Mr. Al-Masri thanked the company's shareholders for their trust and the members of the board of directors and the executive management for their generous efforts. He also thanked the company's customers and suppliers who are partners in the company's successes and its bidding process.

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