The National Carton Industry Company Installed a solar energy project

The National Carton Industry Company) has completed the installation of a solar energy project at its headquarters in the city of Nablus.This project was implemented by Masdar Energy Systems Company, which has a capacity of 300 kilowatts, to the surrounding environment and to rationalize the operating environment of renewable energy sources in its operations industrial.
The general manager of the company / Mr. Abdel Nasser Dwaikat Said “ until the percentage of its facility reaches in a year, and accordingly, the result is good, and the space of solar energy, which will save, towards the following, 50% of the value of the bill. product for our customers”.
In this context, Mr. Mahdi Al-Masry, The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, confirmed that this project is part of the company's sustainability strategy and its way to reach a clean green environment free of environmental pollution, and its effective impact in the future focuses on the company's work and the services provided in a manner consistent with the desired aspirations.
It is worth noting that the National Carton holds international certificates in the field of manufacturing and quality, and this vital project reduces gas emissions and contributes to reducing pollution and rationalizing electricity consumption.

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